What is Family Planning?

Family planning is a voluntary informed decision made by an individual or a couple on when to start having children,
how many, the interval and when to stop. The interval should not be less than 2 years

Family Planning, Plan a manageable family for a better life


  • Mothers are healthier when risk pregnancies are avoided
  • Give enough time and opportunity to love and provide attention to the husband and children
  • Gives more time to the family and personal advancement
  • Delayed 1st and 2nd pregnancy lets young people stay in school
  • Parents have more time to work and be with their children
  • Babies are healthier when risk pregnancies are avoided
  • Get all attention, security, love and care they deserve.
  • Lightens the burden and responsibility in supporting his family
  • Give him time for his family and his own personal advancement
  • Gives enough time for recovery in case of sickness
  • Smaller families mean more money to procure food for families and assured security from community

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